The Demon Returns over in The Locker

Blue Ink – Embryo

“Do you have the web cam connected to your computer?”

“I think so. This technology confuses me. How come I need to use this web cam instead of taking pictures with my camera and just email the images to you?”

“Because, darling, I want to see you in real time. Don’t you want to please me?”

“Of course I do! It’s just that…well…I really want to see you in person. We’ve been talking for weeks now.”

“I told you, dearest, work has me on the road traveling so much, I haven’t had time. I’m working so much now to give me a long break soon. You know who I’ll be spending this long break with, don’t you?”


“Of course, kitten, just you. Now, do you want to spend all this time bantering and arguing, or can I finally see you?”

Onto his wide computer screen, live feed reflected the image of a beautiful auburn haired woman scantily clad in a white camisole and matching boy shorts. “Hello? Are you there?” She toyed with one strand of hair, hanging demurely across her cheek.

“Yes, lovely, you’re wearing the undergarments I sent you. Exquisite.”

She twirled back and forth on her swivel chair, smiling into the small round lens. “I love it, and it fits me perfectly. I’ll wear it as often as I can.”

“I want to see your smooth stomach, pull the edge of your shirt up so I can see that cute belly button.”

She shifted, leaning on the seat with one knee bent and moved the other leg standing to support her frame. Slowly, she moved the fabric of the camisole up to expose the creamy skin of her abdomen. “Most guys want flashes of other body parts.”

“I’m not some perverted sex junkie. I want to visualize you carrying my child, isn’t that much more loving?”

“You have already imagined me as mother to your children?” Her eyes brightened, and she bit her lower lip.

“Yes, love, I have…and you will be splendid.” His body shuddered- the scales covering his exterior flexed and shimmied. Saliva dripped from his curling, wicked smile, sizzling when it hit the floor beneath him.




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