Fable Fridays with Allee Mae


Fable Fridays
Hello Everyone and happy weekend! To celebrate my favorite day of the week, each Friday I will highlight a short story, WIP, or other quip. I will write some of my own, but, also open it up for YOU, dear reader to join in.
If you would like to submit a Friday Fable please see the following guidelines:
1. All content MUST be YA, suitable for a general audience.
2. Fables must not exceed 500 words in length.
3. You must use an unpublished, original fable of your own, it can be a work in progress on its’ way for submission consideration.
4. Email to alleemaeauthor@aol.com with Fable Fridays in the subject line. Paste the entire fable within the email verbiage, not as an attachment. You may submit on a flow basis.
If this feature grows in popularity, I will begin hosting a Friday Fables contest. Just not sure yet of the parameters, but, I can think of something.
Happy writing and let’s see what fables you can cook up!

I start with this…

Walter always called her his princess. He would smile and tell her how proud he was of her and that she would always be his princess.
Her imagination kept her entertained as she walked along the sidewalk. She wondered if her Walter would be there and she smiled at the prospect of sharing the dance floor with him. She thought about her life lately and wondered why everything seemed so stifled and sad.
It was taking longer to reach her destination. She wondered if in her daydreaming she had taken a wrong turn. As she continued, it became more difficult and she wondered if she would have the energy to dance the night away as she normally did. She did not recall it being this far before, and her feet were becoming tired in her dancing shoes.
Unexpectedly, headlights shone upon her. The brightness hurt and she could not see as confusion took over. She heard a man’s voice gently calling to her, “Ruby, is that you”? She replied, “Yes, are you my Walter?” “I’m lost and can’t find my way to the hall,” she answered. A policeman stepped close to Ruby to offer some assistance.
Ruby was dressed in her nightgown and slippers, just as her granddaughter said she would be. Ruby had slipped out into the evening. Her granddaughter explained to the policeman that her grandmother had been trying to sneak away from the house. Ruby’ determination finally allowed her escape.
Ruby kept insisting to everyone that she needed to find her dancing partner. Her family knew she was speaking of her late husband, Walter. He was the love of her life and had passed away about a year prior. Ruby was devastated.
Ruby’s health had been failing and her mind had been reverting to an earlier time of enchantment. She had always loved to dance and that is how she had met her handsome, black haired soul-mate all those years ago. As a girl, she would sneak away to enjoy the music and excitement of the local dance hall. She began to imagine lately she was again a young girl stealing away to meet her prince.
She borrowed her granddaughter’s headband. Ruby called it her crown and said she would always be Walter’s princess. She wore it every day.
“Let’s go princess,” said the cop. He gently led her to his car to take her home.

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