Fable Fridays with Allee Mae BIGFOOT


Fable Fridays
Hello Everyone and happy weekend! To celebrate my favorite day of the week, each Friday I will highlight a short story, WIP, or other quip. I will write some of my own, but, also open it up for YOU, dear reader to join in.
If you would like to submit a Friday Fable please see the following guidelines:
1. All content MUST be YA, suitable for a general audience.
2. Fables must not exceed 500 words in length.
3. You must use an unpublished, original fable of your own, it can be a work in progress on its’ way for submission consideration.
4. Email to alleemaeauthor@aol.com with Fable Fridays in the subject line. Paste the entire fable within the email verbiage, not as an attachment.
If this feature grows in popularity, I will begin hosting a Friday Fables contest. Just not sure yet of the parameters, but, I can think of something.
Happy writing and let’s see what fables you can cook up!

“The others would be displeased if they knew of his unnatural interest in this other animal, especially a human. Those who would hurt, torture, or kill them, in the name of some superior curiosity- most other species were their natural enemies. Therefore, the Sasquatch breed lived in small pods, disguising their nests and existence in uncanny ways derived from centuries of adaptations. Living in the hidden caves of the ridge worked successfully for he and his small group for several decades.

Suddenly, another adult appeared, with a forceful grunt, she dropped a long strap of desiccated meat onto his chest. She left without another sound or inclination, cognizant of his dominance, although displaying her interest in him as a mate. Courting remained equal opportunity within the Bigfoot species, yet, neither male nor female forced themselves upon the other. He had not yet reciprocated her subtle advances. He took a large bite of the dried hog meat, chewing forcefully from his robust appetite.

Finishing the large meal, he made his way to an underground spring, spurting gently from the ground into a small pool of water. Using his hands as a cup, he slurped several rounds of water, washing down the dryness of his meal. Water dripped from his hairy chin, the feeling delighted him, so he splashed water across his full face, fully awakening him from his nap. He crawled toward the entrance underneath the boulder. Sliding it across the opening, he wriggled through a satisfactory opening, assessing the surroundings. Quickly, he pulled himself upward and out of the space. He slid the boulder back into place and began his daily outdoor walk.

He lifted his head, sniffing the air for signs of any other creatures in his midst. A pungent fresh skunk smell permeated his immediate space. The skunk accomplished its’ defensive mission to rid its’ territory, as no other animals lingered close by. Bigfoot leaned over to pluck some fresh wild onions, eating them in a single gulp. Carefully, he walked across beds of dead leaves, alleviating any long lasting footprint. Ever alert, he made his way to the top of the ridge, overlooking the interloper’s campgrounds. He wanted to see her again.”


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