Fable Friday! What Does Bigfoot Smell Like?


“I just have a feeling like someone is watching us. It’s weirding me out.” Kalista’s formerly dormant sixth sense kicked in. Suddenly, it hit her nostrils, a distinctive, almost rotten odor. “Yuck, do you guys smell that?”

“Whew! Smells like a combination of Pepe le Pew and wet dog.” Owen pinched his nostrils shut, exaggerating his disgust.

“Okay, now that’s just raunchy with a capital rank.” Leandra added, waving her hand closely in front of her face as if that would help the situation.

“Smells almost musky…very primal…and it’s very strong. I wish I could tell where it’s coming from.” Caleb scanned the edge of the tree line for an indication of what caused the strange odor. The oak bark covering the trees soaked in the moisture, momentarily eliminating the normally desiccated appearance. Water droplets lingered on the distinctive waxy leaves, waiting for movement to tip them into miniature waterfalls. However, no animals appeared within Caleb’s surveillance.

Owen lowered his voice to a raspy whisper. “A big foot has been known to spray when humans get too close to its’ nest. But, I’ve never noticed this smell in this area before.”

“We’ve never experienced a smell this strong ever before, anywhere.” Caleb reminded his eager partner. “But, we have heard about it from other trackers. It doesn’t even have to be protecting its’ territory. It could just be a combination of body odor and the heavy rain releasing it.”

“I agree, Caleb, there’s no telling what or why we smell this right now. I don’t believe anyone can definitely say what’s going on.”

“Before something comes peeing on us, marking territory, I’m getting to the cabin.” Kalista spoke very matter of fact, looking toward the cabin longingly. A fine mist covered her hair, also giving her skin a dewy appearance. “Plus, I’m getting soaked by this wet foggy air.”

“Kal, I gotta agree, I’m ready to get behind four sturdy walls and regroup.” Leandra shivered and reached for Kalista’s hand.

“You two girls go inside, it’s fine. I know it’s been a strange and creepy afternoon. We will move your car under the shed to protect the evidence should it rain again. It won’t take us long.” Caleb assured the jumpy girls, taking the keys from Kalista.

They briskly walked toward the cabin, their feet squishing against the fallen leaves taking residence in the muck. “I never thought that I would be in a situation straight out of some B horror movie.” Kalista shivered and started up the stairs.

“Life in Oklahoma is definitely not boring, that’s for sure. Do you really think some kind of Bigfoot made that stink?” Leandra asked, patting Kalista’s shoulders, trying to reassure her.

“I have no idea, but, something worthy of Twilight Zone is playing some kind of game with us.”

“Look on the bright side- you’ll be seeing Caleb again tomorrow. He will be on our home turf. Should we cook him dinner?”

“It sure isn’t hard for you to switch gears, is it Lea?” Kalista laughed and temporarily forgot her peculiar distress.



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