Fable Fridays with Allee Mae


Fable Fridays
Hello Everyone and happy weekend! To celebrate my favorite day of the week, each Friday I will highlight a short story, WIP, or other quip. I will write some of my own, but, also open it up for YOU, dear reader to join in.
If you would like to submit a Friday Fable please see the following guidelines:
1. All content MUST be YA, suitable for a general audience.
2. Fables must not exceed 500 words in length.
3. You must use an unpublished, original fable of your own, it can be a work in progress on its’ way for submission consideration.
4. Email to alleemaeauthor@aol.com with Fable Fridays in the subject line. Paste the entire fable within the email verbiage, not as an attachment.
If this feature grows in popularity, I will begin hosting a Friday Fables contest. Just not sure yet of the parameters, but, I can think of something.
Happy writing and let’s see what fables you can cook up!

The Skin Stalker – Blue Ink One

Book Description-
Joelle unknowingly unlocked a portal to a demon- The Skin Stalker- who wants to vanquish her humanity and create a new demon hybrid with her using her former lover, Colin. Although she tried to forget him, Colin continued to break her heart from a distance, making her vulnerable. The Skin Stalker began brutally murdering Colin’s “girlfriends”, setting him up as the prime suspect-but does Joelle really care if Colin rotted away in jail?
Using a softball equipment bag and public dumping grounds, The Skin Stalker morbidly disposed of his victims, celebrating the notoriety, and his ability to stump the police. A unique blue “tattoo” behind Joelle’s ear carries the key to her connection to the paranormal realm. Can an average woman actually conquer a demon?
Set around the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Denver, Colorado, Blue Ink takes you inside the mind of a demon and the woman who must stop him.
The moment lulled while Colin quickly ran down an imaginary phone list of office employees in his mind. A rustle again, almost like thin vellum tearing. An icy burst hit just below his hairline onto his cervical spine, indicating something closer than he preferred. It felt like water trickling down the back of his neck. Colin instinctively reached his empty hand to wipe away the liquid. His hand made a smearing motion against the sensation. Bringing his hand in front of him, he gasped. “What is all over me?” A wet blue substance glistened on the pads and insides of his fingers.
Quickly turning around to face some unknown assailant, he lifted his briefcase in a defensive stance. However, no one stood waiting. The entirely empty area whispered with the usual building noises of a vacant floor. A small scrap of paper fluttered to the ground, appearing to fall from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection, Colin saw one perfect blue dot in the center of the tissue. “What the hell?” Looking back down to his hand holding the bizarre note, it rocked him that his fingers were clean, without a trace of the blue matter on them. Flipping his hand over rapidly several times, he uttered several choice curse words. “I’ve been working too damn hard, and I never thought I’d say that.”
Literally shaking off the dread with a curt rush of his shoulders, he entered the elevator, tossing the paper into a small trash receptacle sitting next to the doors. “Someone is screwing with me hard.” Once more, he looked out of the doors, hoping to catch his practical joker. “I’ll figure you out.” He warned loudly as the elevator doors glided smoothly closed. Colin felt more eager than ever to get home to meet his nighttime visitor.

* * * *

The Skin Stalker was already waiting on the first floor to follow Colin home. He enjoyed shifting his presence to invisible, spying on Colin’s unrighteous happiness, toying with him provided bonus entertainment. “You weren’t so tough when I sent you that little blue note, were you?” Knowing he would soon rip that smug smile off Colin’s handsome face made him uncharacteristically giddy. “I can get to you anytime, anywhere and you will never know it.” The Skin Stalker held many supernatural powers, making him almost impossible to trace, unless he wanted to be seen.
When Colin walked unknowingly within inches of him, The Skin Stalker drew in a deep breath and filled his lungs with Colin’s scent of musk and testosterone. The essence of the human body gave him power. “Ahh, human skin, the largest organ and emits the most substantial aromas. Although…eating it is my preference, the way it delightfully pops between these human incisors.”
The Skin Stalker followed Colin home to the high-rise, skulking in the shadows, catlike and elusive. His rapid movements executed similarly to a possessed circus performer. No one could escape his noxious manifestation. He waited inconspicuously outside for Colin’s female companion to arrive. He needed to learn her movements well—familiarity breeds death—and the imagined track of decay was strong in The Skin Stalker’s nostrils.
She arrived on schedule and left before sunrise. He could sense her eagerness by the pheromones wafting from her pores. The essence fanned invisibly through the torrid night air, tweaking his every nerve ending, creating defibrillating shocks of power. The exaggerated wiggle from her hips also revealed her wanton need. He laughed cryptically watching her animated display of walking up the steps. “Yes, enjoy your raunchy interlude, you voracious vixen.” The patient Skin Stalker barely moved a muscle for the long hours between her arrival and departure from Colin’s “lascivious love nest.”
The Skin Stalker followed Maggie easily back to her own apartment a few blocks away. Tired, satiated, and certainly not looking for someone like him, the task of trailing her unnoticed came easily. He would wait until daylight to compile the rest of his invisible dossier. He was one-step closer. As he followed her from an alarmingly close distance, he drew in Maggie’s perfume. This time, the lurid aromas gagged him, as she carried the intoxicating air of Colin along with her heavy female emissions. The exchange of fluids disgusted The Skin Stalker and the thought of skin against skin in a flurry of passion appalled him as much as it strengthened him.


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