My Apologies

ImageHowdy everyone, I apologize for the obvious M.I.A. status, I’ve not posted anything new in awhile. But, dealing with personal health issues invaded much of my free time. I’m now trying to wrap my brain around my recent diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. For those of you unfamiliar, SLE is an autoimmune disease affecting multiple systems in the body. I’ve dealt with various strange symptoms and unsure how to take all this in.

However, in the midst of darkness, I have areas of light. 🙂 My family, friends, and day job are supportive and it helps keep me motivated. Also, I’m pleased to present another great review for Finding Love Under a Rock!  Please see the following snippet from the full review: “It was a nice light read with a pleasing plot that makes you smile with the characters and laugh along with them as they try to figure out what Urban legends they might just be up against in the next installment.”
see the full review in the following location:

ALSO, very excited to announce the sequel in this Critter Getter series, Finding Love and Bigfoot is set for release November 2013! This full length novel continues our characters adventures and introduces us to more of their lives.

Take care and I will be back soon!



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