Fable Fridays with Allee Mae


Fable Fridays
Hello Everyone and happy weekend! To celebrate my favorite day of the week, each Friday I will highlight a short story, WIP, or other quip. I will write some of my own, but, also open it up for YOU, dear reader to join in.
If you would like to submit a Friday Fable please see the following guidelines:
1. All content MUST be YA, suitable for a general audience.
2. Fables must not exceed 500 words in length.
3. You must use an unpublished, original fable of your own, it can be a work in progress on its’ way for submission consideration.
4. Email to alleemaeauthor@aol.com with Fable Fridays in the subject line. Paste the entire fable within the email verbiage, not as an attachment.
If this feature grows in popularity, I will begin hosting a Friday Fables contest. Just not sure yet of the parameters, but, I can think of something.
Happy writing and let’s see what fables you can cook up!

The Indigo Girl
Indigo was tucked tightly into the middle of the queen-sized bed. She had already recited her nightly prayer and was becoming drowsy. Splashes of light flickered through the panes and reflected off the dresser mirror in her grandmother’s guest bedroom. The lightning storm was quite impressive and the thunder was even more magnificent. It was the middle of the night and the storm clouds blocked any light the stars exhibited against the blackness. It could have been enough to scare a young girl of four; but her grandmother assured her the thunder was the sound of her daddy’s drums echoing from the heavenly realm. Her grandmother also placed a small nightlight in one corner of the bedroom. Indigo appreciated the illumination.
Instead of the storm invoking fear, she felt calm, happy, comforted. Even at this young age, she was in touch with the Universe and felt a sense of connection to the infinite cosmos. Although she did not know how to academically describe this relationship, it did not diminish its’ importance. She knew Jesus was her protector, and although she did not fully understand her relationship with him, she said her prayers nightly and believed He was watching over her.
As she would grow older, she would learn to accurately put her relationship with creation into appropriate words. For now, it was enough that the stars, clouds, or sun in the sky were personal elements just as her eyes, ears, and nose were. She just wished she were as comfortable in the dark as she was in the light. Indigo did not understand why the nighttime sometimes drew an uneasy feeling for her. God created the light and the dark and all the elements that go with it, she knew this. It just seemed something sinister was waiting in the darkness, ready to take advantage of her fear.
Indigo fell asleep with a smile on her face and a feeling of fulfillment. As the huge raindrops and sounds of the spring storm lulled her to sleep, she had pleasant and rewarding thoughts. Great things were in store for her, she just knew it. God promised it.


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