Just Out of My Grasp Entry 2

In 2008 I began running as a part of my regular fitness routine. I had worked out for several years, but, decided to add 5K races to my challenge. I finished my first 5K in around 46 minutes, not fast, but, I finished. Stubbornly, I began training even harder.

After about one year of running regularly, I became acquainted with the lovely foe, shin splints. I visited orthopedic doctors and received a referral to an awesome sports physical therapy clinic. While rubbing elbows with professional athletes, I received first rate care and it kept my running.

I visited twice a week for over a year.

Normal? Probably not, should I have not healed?

I added triathlons to my list of goals and on May 1, 2010, I finished my first sprint triathlon. What an awesome 40th birthday gift to myself. I was on top of the world.

But still in physical therapy. More doctor visits, sore knees, continued shin splints, lower back pain, and now, possibly plantar fasciitis in my feet.



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