Just Out of My Grasp 3

Just Out of My Grasp

I haven’t been able to peel vegetables or tough skinned fruits for a few years now. I attribute it to early onset arthritis, which seems to be genetically laced through my family. Far more than an inconvenience, I used it as an excuse to get the kids to help me when making complex salads, cooking potatoes, peeling jicama, you know, the good stuff.

A visit to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in hand and wrist disorders. I got an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Maybe this is carpal tunnel from typing for almost seventeen years.

A couple of visits to a hand therapist who helps with physical therapy of the wrist and fingers. No real numbness, the classic signs of carpal tunnel and the x-rays reveal nothing. She gave me some exercises to perform, and like the heat, it helps at the time I’m doing it.

Time for more naproxen and learning to live with it.

It sucks getting older.

Still have not answers and this is becoming far more frustrating than helpful. I’ve now visited four different orthopedic doctors for various aches, pains, and limitations.

I thought working out and lifting weights was supposed to help the body. Why do I feel like a 1970’s Buick? Always breaking down and groaning with most strenuous motion.

I need an answer.


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