Just Out of My Grasp 5

Just Out of My Grasp 5
Training this year, 2012, for the July triathlon in Idaho took more out of me than the previous years’ training. I lacked energy and strength from 2011, and I began to dread my workout sessions.
Dread seems like such a strong word.
But, that’s what I felt.
I slowed up on the intensity, I dropped the two a days. I did not ride my bike outside as much. I will never beat my time in 2011 at this rate, there’s no way. But, I thought I could match it. All my energy and attention I focused on this one event, I was ready and with gritted teeth, I made the almost same exact trek from the year before.
I crossed the line about 15 minutes slower than 2011.
I felt sick almost immediately, I didn’t even make it to the house. I guess I swallowed more of the Snake River, but, why wasn’t anyone else getting sick?
I didn’t bounce back as fast. Matter of fact, my fatigue and loathsome weight gain made me feel inadequate as an amateur athlete and a failure in my quest for fitness success.
Other “things” began happening with my body. My heart would flutter, and sometimes I couldn’t catch my breath when I would lie down. I had chest pain underneath my left arm, into the left side of my chest and back across my left shoulder blade.
I could never get enough rest.
And the headaches…I could write volumes on the pain. I kept trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.


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