Fable Fridays with Allee Mae


Fable Fridays
Hello Everyone and happy weekend! To celebrate my favorite day of the week, each Friday I will highlight a short story, WIP, or other quip. I will write some of my own, but, also open it up for YOU, dear reader to join in.
If you would like to submit a Friday Fable please see the following guidelines:
1. All content MUST be YA, suitable for a general audience.
2. Fables must not exceed 500 words in length.
3. You must use an unpublished, original fable of your own, it can be a work in progress on its’ way for submission consideration.
4. Email to alleemaeauthor@aol.com with Fable Fridays in the subject line. Paste the entire fable within the email verbiage, not as an attachment.
If this feature grows in popularity, I will begin hosting a Friday Fables contest. Just not sure yet of the parameters, but, I can think of something.
Happy writing and let’s see what fables you can cook up!
Mason smiled and set his rock off to the side before he saw more rocks of similar composition. “Hey, get over here, there’s more of these,” Mason informed Indigo. Indigo stopped poking at the group of mussels with her stick and skipped back over the flowing water, trying not to get her feet too wet. Her momma would not mind if she had wet shoes, but, only because Indigo was the one who would have to wear them. Indigo’s momma had decided much earlier in her life that Indigo’s nature was to suit herself, even if it might not be the most pleasant outcome.
Indigo walked up to Mason and they started investigating more of the interesting layered rocks close to the water’s edge. “Hey, this one has five colors,” Mason would exclaim and Indigo would counter with “Yea, and this one has sparkles in it!”
Suddenly, a cottonmouth snake began sliding across the water at top speed toward Mason and Indigo, its jaws wide and hissing angrily from its white throat. Mason looked up quickly and with wide eyes yelled at Indigo, “hey, a snake, let’s go!” Indigo looked up and was instantly frozen in fear. Mason kept tugging at her shirt, urging her to run away with him from the snake’s path. As the snake darted closer, Indigo’s mouth became dry and she could not speak, she could not move. Indigo was paralyzed with fear. Mason pulled one last time, more forcefully and it broke Indigo’s reverie. As the snake neared the bank, they took off in a sprint away from the creek, never looking back.
They stopped running, chests heaving from their burst of adrenaline, for several moments, they could not speak. It was Mason who managed to get his words out first, “what…..were…..you ……doing!” he yelled more of a statement than a question. Indigo was still frightened from the close encounter, and stammered, “I couldn’t move…I just couldn’t move….couldn’t,” as her words trailed off in sadness. Indigo got a flash of life with Sally and how nothing like this happened when she was in her protected company.
Indigo suddenly missed Sally, more than anything. Try as she might, she could not feel Sally’s presence, as diligently as she called forth to her in her mind. Mason was beginning to wonder what Indigo was doing with her eyes squeezed shut and her lips tightly pursed in frustration. “Are you gonna pass out?” Mason pleaded. “Don’t pass out, look, I’m not mad, it’s ok, we are away from that darn snake. Please open your eyes and talk to me.”


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