Just Out of My Grasp – SLE

“You are in the early stages of menopause, and your testosterone levels are a bit low”, my good ole OB/GYN told me. “We have a hormone pellet therapy that you might benefit from.”
GOODY! An answer! Raise the hormonal levels, gain energy and LOSE weight. I’m on the road to back to normal. Which at 43 is important, because I have many more things to do. I have a full time day job, a full time job as a published author, two adult kids to keep on track, and one newly teenaged daughter with a schedule busier than mine.
Life can be good again. When can I get the pellet?
Oh, yea, I have my follow-up with the rheumatologist for some results of lab work I submitted several weeks ago. After that appointment, I’ll get in to see the OB and get this health and fitness train moving again.
“We have your lab results back and I want to show you something.” My rheumy wheels that little rolling stool over next to me in my chair. Docs only do that when they have something serious to talk about.
I’m confused.
She begins with the normal results from liver function, kidney function, CBC, vitamin levels, yadda yadda yadda. Things turn south on the last page.
Apparently, my ANA levels were pretty bad. The normal range ends at 99 and mine were over 500. (We will talk about those more in a future blog.) Suffice it to say something was going bad wrong in my DNA in the form of a war almost daily in my cells.
Have you had any other symptoms? Like headaches, chest pains, rashes, painful urination, osteoporosis, fatigue, unexplained pains, or fever?
Uh, yea. So? I thought we talked about this already. My OB says I’m early menopausal. Just get me the pellet and fix it.


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