Inside the Mind of Bigfoot

COVER REVEAL! Kudos to the uber-talented and beautiful Dawne’ Dominique, thanks millions.

To celebrate the release of book two in The Critter Getter series, I will go inside Sasquatch thoughts and share some perspectives with you. Albeit an interview is out of the question, it doesn’t mean I can’t give some kind of insight.
Believe if you will…or don’t…but, maybe after a few visits you could change your mind.

“It watched her lovingly, protectively from a safe distance. It stood downwind to keep the scent from giving away its position. I want her. The rudimentary thought process, although more clever than assumed, thought in simple terms. It, rather, he, moved through the brush stealthily, like many other elusive beings, having escaped detection for so many years by astute care and precision. Occasionally, a dry twig caught on its’ tangled fur, impeding the silence with a soft crack. It paid no mind, keeping its’ eyes focused on her.

He slightly lifted his head for a better nostril-fill of the air circulating around him, attempting to catch her scent, the delightful smell he only knew as longing, wanting, hunger, and…perhaps…a mate. She looked nothing like his kind, smooth skin replaced the coarse hair of his species. She bore no claws or fanged teeth to forage and provide for their young. Yet, it did not matter. This female creature held a gentle, animal-like spirit that captivated him. What did it matter they shared few commonalities.

He fought the urge to crush those males invading the zone surrounding her, keeping her from him. He could not make a move, he risked too much in giving away his position. He knew they searched for him, he sensed their interest when they inspected his footprints, stopped to sniff his male emissions or brought other people to trespass across his home territory. Yet, he followed the code of his ancestors to stay away from the dangerous humans. They would bring pain and sorrow.”


3 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of Bigfoot

  1. Um. This is. absolutely. the most amazing thing I have ever read. Bigfoot is a pretty good friend of mine, and I think you’re right on with his feelings. i have spoken also of his endeavors into the world of love in some of my songs. I mean, is this like a whole book, that I can buy? holy damn, you made my night.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed it! The most difficult challenge I’ve yet to face is writing from the Sasquatch POV. I’ve written as a demon and it didn’t give me as much trouble. 😉 the entire book will be available next month on several sites and I will definitely provide the links when they are up. I really appreciate your support. Thanks.

      • In my stories bigfoot likes to have fun and often gets involved in unwholesome situations. He’s a afraid of a lot of things, large, but everyone’s friend. He’s the life of the party for sure. He is a vegan and a pretty hardcore environmentalist. In one of my songs he causes a massive blackout so that the humans could see the stars better. I think the sky is the limit with bigfoot right? Looking forward to reading your book.

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