Interview With a Bigfoot Huntress

Today, it’s exciting to present to you Miss Kalista Bristow, college student and recent Sasquatch seeker. She sits down with me and answers a few questions about her new life in Oklahoma.

me – Hi Kalista, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
(Kalista leans forward to shake my hand)I always enjoy making new friends. Even when it was you that actually created me. (She giggles)

me- Well, I write the story as you guys unfold it. Did you ever imagine you would enjoy spending time in the woods looking for mystical and scary creatures?

Kalista- Nah, I always went to many locations with my brain and study so many subjects extensively. But, camping in the woods in something other than a KOA or something, nope. My idea of roughing it was a motel.

me- What do you think of it now?

Kalista’s eyes brighten- It’s amazing! The woods offer so many reasons to enjoy nature. Everything is back to simplicity and I can really clear my mind of all the stress.

me- What about Bigfoot?

Kalista leans forward in her chair– I’ve seen him, really.

me- Are you sure it wasn’t your imagination?

Kalista shakes her head affirmatively, I’ve never been so positive in my life. If you read the book, you’ll get the full low down on how it all happened. Honestly, I’ve never been so scared!

me – I’m surprised you still go out in the woods then!

Kalista- When you see what happened, you’ll understand why I’m brave enough to keep going back. Sometimes you just gotta face your fear.

me- What’s up next for you and Caleb?

Kalista smiles brightly, He and I are doing alright, we’ve had a few dates, I might keep him around for a while. He keeps my life interesting.

me- Just interesting?

Kalista blushes deeply, I like him very much, we are very good friends.

me- What’s up next for your group?

Kalista – Well, I’m worried about Owen. He isn’t happy these days and having a few problems. Leandra and I are going to do our best to help him through all this. But, he won’t tell us everything. Maybe as our friendship deepens he will trust us. But it seems like he has some hefty skeletons in his closet.

me- When can the world get more of you guys and Bigfoot?

Kalista -Our book is now ready! Just keep your eye on Miss Allee Mae’s blog.

me – Will do!

Finding Love and Bigfoot is now available at Sweet Cravings Publishing!



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