Book Review Time!

Hello Everyone and happy last weekend of February! I’ve been working diligently on book 3 of the Critter Getter series, Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. Not to spoil many surprises, but, Owen might be finding more than he bargained for in a new female friend. However, they both have secrets they desperately want to keep from each other. In the age of the internet, you might just wonder why they don’t turn on a full-fledged investigation…but, our characters are in the middle of the boondocks most of the time and at the end of the day, respect each other too much to just go snooping.
I have a great 4* review to share with you from Finding Love and Bigfoot. Linda from

I was glad the reviewer looked at it through YA eyes, the way it was meant to be captured:


Book: Finding Love and Bigfoot #2
Series: Critter Getter
Author: Allee Mae
Publisher: Sweet Cravings Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance YA

In this book we once again meet up with Kalista Bristow, Leandra Lehigh, Caleb Chandler and Owen Guthrie whom we first met in Finding Love Under a Rock. In the first book, Kal and Lea were taught how to go noodling, the process of catching catfish with your hands. Now Caleb and Owen are leading groups in search of Bigfoot.
Once again, Kal and Lea join in what they figure should be fun. Although sure that Bigfoot is just a fairytale, the girls are ready for the excitement. Once again, Kal and Caleb have feelings for each other, but neither one is brave enough to move on them. Even with encouragement from their best friends Lea and Owen, the two are still finding it hard to overcome their fear of embarrassing themselves. Every time they try to speak to each other, they trip over their own tongues.
Of the four friends, only Owen has had a girlfriend. Kal and Lea have never been kissed, and according to Owen, neither has Caleb. Will Kalista and Caleb finally learn what young love is all about? The camping and searching for Bigfoot is fun, but what none of them are aware of is that Bigfoot is actually watching them, especially Kalista whom he has fallen for. Kal has a feeling that something is watching her, but she never could have expected it to be a Sasquatch.
The author does a wonderful job of making Bigfoot a creature with feelings so the reader cares about him. She also does a great job of showing what it is like when you meet your first love. It is a slow journey for Kal and Caleb in their quest for love, but it is a very worthwhile one.
I read and reviewed book one and stated that the book was not for adults and so I did not rate it very high. I realize that as an adult reading a book written for young adults, I would not be fair to the author if I did not try to base my review on the target audience. In that respect, I really enjoyed this story, and have no doubt that there are a lot of girls out there that will feel the same. So many young girls today have yet to find their first love. This book can open their eyes to how it should be.
I am sure that there will be more adventures with Kalista, Leandra, Caleb, and Owen. I would very much enjoy reading them. I am reading the story with a different set of eyes.
Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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